“Tower Power” (Spiritual Warfare: part 2)

The world and its belief system seems to tower over us more and more these days.  It looks down and whispers: “You don’t have what it takes!” From her hit song “You Say”, artist Lauren Daigle sings:  “I keep fighting voices in my mind that say I’m not enough. Every single lie that tells me I will never measure up.   Am I more than just the sum of every high and every low? Remind me once again just who I am, because I need to know…”

Ever heard that lie?  We all need Someone to fight for us.  No, you cannot lean on your family name or your family wealth.  No, you cannot get your significance from some degree or from some house tucked inside some neighborhood.  No, you cannot rely upon your health, as it wanes like the wind. As you live life and find yourself driving down a road all alone, what do you really believe when a counter-truth starts knocking on the door of your soul?  What do you do when you feel like you are in a fog?

When all 5 foot 8 of me stood on the ground at a U2 concert, my vision of-course was limited due to the taller concert attendees in front of me.  As I held on to my Nikon, I raised both of my arms. My camera became my eyes for pictures I wanted to capture. I was able to tower over my physical circumstance.

Spiritually, when the prosecutor presents lies to my brain…sure, I can tell the devil to go to hell, but pulling Scripture from memory is the most powerful ammo when my vision starts to get distorted.  Once I start re-membering God’s specific promises, I start seeing more clearly even though my circumstances are still kind of cloudy.


God towers over our life’s circumstances.  Why not put His promises in your psyche?

  1. “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.” (Proverbs 18:10);
  2. “For you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the foe.” (Psalms 61:3);
  3. “O my Strength, I watch for you; you, O God, are my fortress.” (Psalms 59:9);


Now, you can continue driving down the road of life, confidently believing along with Lauren as she sings the rest of her song to God:


“You say I am loved when I can’t feel a thing

You say I am strong when I think I am weak

You say I am held when I am falling short

And when I don’t belong, oh You say that I am Yours

And I believe, oh I believe

What You say of me, I believe

The only thing that matters now is everything You think of me

In You I find my worth, in You I find my identity

Repeat chorus.

Taking all I have and now I’m laying it at Your feet.  You have every failure God, and You’ll have every victory.”

Repeat chorus.

Pictures courtesy of “Nelson & his Nikon”

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  1. AWESOME !!! Can’t put into words the full depth I receive from this devotional !! How ‘alone’ we all feel some time…. Will be reading this over and over.

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