“A Day In The Life” (Time Management: part 2)

What if you were only allowed to describe your life in two-word increments, as your day progressed? What words would you choose? Would that exercise cause you to really look at your life? I will bravely let you in on mine.

Night ending. Dawn breaking. Birds singing. God creating. Clock alarms. Eyes shut. Dreams end. Eyes open. Spooning bride. Waking slowly. Bride kissed. Blinds opened. Eyes adjusted. Robe on. Alarm off. Dogs fed. Coffee made. Plants watered. Coffee poured. Breakfast eaten. Morning news. Coffee drunk. Bed made. Daughter greeted. Garage opens. Girls leave. God watching.

Door shut. Reflection time. Lamp lit. Glasses on. Pen ready. Journal open. Bible unshelved. Daily bread. Mind wandering. Feelings acknowledged. Sins confessed. Devotional read. God speaking. Quotes underlined. Verses provoke. God teaching. Thoughts written. God convicting. Tears wiped. Prayers lifted. God listening. Waiting silently. Staring momentarily. Worries gone. Peace inside.

More coffee. Day faced. Shower on. Face shaved. Clothes chosen. Computer on. Voicemail updated. Staff meeting. Emails read. Calls received. Emails returned. Appointments scheduled. Claims received. Calls returned. Letters typed. Manager calls. Records reviewed. Goals set. Quotas met. Decisions made. Fast typing. Fingers tired. Stress ensues. Bride calls. Phone conferences. Audits received. Manager skyped. God helping.

Lunch hour. Bills paid. Daughters text. Neighbor greeted. Mailman arrives. God blessing. Mail received. Work continues. Complaint received. Problem resolved. Compliment received. Manager happy. Audits read. Nurse discussions. Audits rebutted. Claims reviewed. God encouraging. Work accomplished. God answering. Bride called. Heart smiles.

Computer off. Workday ends. Exercise begins. Miles walked. God strengthening. Stress relieved. Yard work. Dogs exercised. Girls arrive. Groceries purchased. Car gassed. Supper prepared. Finances reviewed. Table discussions. Daddy jokes. Daughter frowns. Eyes roll. Bride laughs. Tummy filled. Table cleared. Dishwasher on. Trash disposed. Night approaching. Clothes washed. Facebook posted. Texts read. Clothes ironed. Texts sent. Gmails checked.

Evening television. Laptop held. Instagram viewed. Blog written. God inspiring. Bedspread pulled. Bride touches. Romance blossoms. Love expressed. God smiling. Busy Day. Eyes drowsy. Pillow soft. Blanket warm. Energy gone. God restoring.

Yeah our lives may be short-lived, but we sure do fill it up with a lot of stuff! Is any of our “stuff” just filler time? 2 Chronicles 16:9a reads, “For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His…” (NASV) We give our hearts away to so many people and things. My IPad informed me how much time I spent (in total) during the last 10 days on the following:

  • Facebook: 6 hours and 29 minutes;
  • Instagram: 2 hours and 16 minutes;
  • On-Line: 1 hour and 35 minutes;
  • I-Tunes: 21 minutes;
  • Facebook Messenger: 7 minutes;
  • G-Mail: 21 minutes;
  • Google Docs: 3 hours and 8 minutes; and
  • My writer’s blog: 11 hours and 21 minutes

What are “two things” that you can remove from your life, which will free you up for activities that really matter? If you feel led, list those in the comments section below…


pictures courtesy of “Nelson & his Nikon”

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  1. Reading this makes me realize that I don’t even know if a woman “or maybe just Me” could ever make a list of things using just Two Words…..LOL I am going to accept your challenge though and try it. Am going to pray that God will show me the things I need to see as Stuff in my life. Love you

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