“The Weird Things” (The Virus: part 2)

Weird. That’s the one word people keep posting on Facebook and Instagram as they describe how they feel during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Can anything good come out of a weird experience? Listen to Geoff Gentry and Bryan Ye-Chung.

“It’s the weird things that wake us up to the world around us.”

“It’s the weird things that open up new ways of seeing.”

“It’s the weird things that reimagine the experience of healing.”

“It’s the weird things that disrupt our lives to bring us into God’s presence.”

“Weirdness is a tool of the Divine. As people of faith, our lives get weird before they become clear.” 

Their prophetic words were published in 2019 in All That Is Made.

Has God brought the world to its knees? That’s a legitimate question, with no intent of judgment by this writer. Regardless of your answer, the world has stopped, which has halted the educational, economic, entertainment, and religious worlds besides the medical environment.

So what do we do during this weird time? Wait it out? There are many things that happen to us that are far from chance. 

As Christians, we believe God is sovereign. Within that word is another word: reign. God is still on the throne despite how it feels down here on planet earth. He’s in control.

What God allows to happen in our world which gets a person’s attention, causing him or her to sincerely seek Him for maybe the first time, is something we’ll never comprehend this side of heaven. 

However, a lot of folks still want their normal back and when this is over and we look back at the crisis of the Coronavirus will we see blessings or curses? 

There is the sad curse of death that the virus caused. But there’s blessings which were born out of adversity. Couples talking to each other like they never have before because they have more time on their hands. Neighbors saying “Hi!” for the very first time as they pass each other walking around the same neighborhood they’ve lived in for years.

You and I won’t grow when we are comfortably numb. As John Eldridge said on Facebook Palm Sunday April 5, 2020 “When life is good and you’ve got your cupcakes, you know, what do you need God for?” Stagnate people stink. 

Paul declares in 2 Corinthians 2:15, “Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God. But this fragrance is perceived differently by those who are being saved and by those who are perishing.” (NLT)

Paul ‘s referring to two types of people. The later group are the people who find the gospel messaging nauseating. The former are the folks who believe the gospel is a pledge of a glorious future.

A lot of people feel lost now and want a future. God offers that. Some reject it. Some accept it. There is nothing weird about Someone throwing a life preserver to those who are perishing. Take hold of Christ. There couldn’t be a better time! 

pictures courtesy of “Nelson & his Nikon” except for girl wearing mask from pexels.com

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  1. Each word of this is so true ! The life preserver statement is the thing we need to be praying about….. God be with each and every one during this time of ‘weirdness’. Thank for a beautifully written and much needed devotional.

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