The Watercolors

God, the ultimate Artist, painted this world when He spoke it into existence.  But He did not stop there.  He entered the world He created by becoming a Person (Jesus Christ). 

For an Artist to enter the world he created is beyond imagination and comprehension.  That is where faith comes in.

He not only walked amongst us, but took our junk, our shame, our sins, and bore them on the Cross.  His innocent shed blood covers your sins and mine.

The only word that comes anywhere close to assimilating why the Artist did what He did is…GRACE, which we will never deserve, which we can never earn.  The Artist gave us a gift to reject or receive…Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved! 

 I love the medium of watercolors, which is  therapy for me.  At 30 years of age I began painting. It was birthed from adversity due to healing after a broken engagement.  During this time, I took a job as a Book Buyer for a bookstore.

Part of my responsibilities involved promoting books within the store via creative displays, which I had the privilege of designing. One day I went to an art store to buy supplies.  There was a sign on the store window about an upcoming watercolor class.  I remember coming to life as my eyes read that sign.  In the spring of 1991 in Columbia, South Carolina I took my first class in the back of that art supply store, taught by a Dentist.

Pictured below is my very first watercolor of an old Kentucky home, known for its two chimneys.  I gave it to my parents for Christmas in 1991 and it still hangs in their downstairs den.  It is one of my favorites as the quiet snow fosters peace.


This picture hangs above my desk in my downstairs office.  I love the outdoors and the adventure it invites us on.  I feel more alive when I am hiking and camping under the dome of God’s incredible creation.  The heaven declare the glory of God. (Psalms 19:1) My version of that verse is: The sky speaks about how great God is.


I painted this for my youngest sister and surprised her with it one Christmas Eve.


I painted this for my bride and it hangs in our bedroom.


We have a magnolia tree in our front yard.  It inspired me to paint this for my older sister.  I presented it to her for Christmas many years ago.


I painted this for my oldest daughter.  Though she is gone and married, it still hangs in her old bedroom.  I love bright colors.  I remember telling her many times, “There is no way anyone can stay depressed when they enter your room.”


I love the Fall season, and picking up beautifully colored leaves, but I am more impressed with the reality that though the seasons change, God does not.

pictures of watercolor paintings courtesy of “Nelson & his Nikon”