five-hundred words for your spiritual journey

Every last one of us is on a journey. However, some folks are reluctant to admit "where they are" on their particular pilgrimage. Each of the following 500-word blog posts below are pulled from my raw and personal journals in hopes that you are encouraged to either start or continue your journey led by Someone who offers Himself as a guide.

The late Frederick Buechner wrote, “An hour late becomes an hour and a half, two hours late. You try to find something to take your mind off it-a book to read, the dishwasher to empty, a prayer to pray-but there’s too much more of you involved by now than just your mind, and you feel […]

During the Saturday edition of CBS This Morning there is a delicious segment called “The Dish”. Each week a chef displays a table of food he or she has prepared. The television hosts sit down with the chef to sample the feast. Afterwards, the chef is handed a white dish to autograph. One of the […]

Why are we always surprised by death? There it is coming our way down the highway. Some people veer their vehicles to the right side of the road and stop. But when others see the funeral procession, they keep going. “Who has time for this?”  Consider two men who ran out of time. They were […]

“Why is the Meadows subdivision darker at night than it used to be?” That question gets asked a lot lately by folks who reside there in Ringgold, Georgia. Upon returning home in the evening hours after working all day or doing errands, some residents notice it when they enter the neighborhood. However, there are some […]

“Raise your hand if you have any questions.” I refused that offer from many teachers and professors during my elementary school days all the way through my college years, due to my shyness.  For some, it may not be shyness, but a reliance upon their own self-sufficiency. Regardless, struggling alone is a lonely road to […]

I love paperweights. My collection began when my sweet “Me-Ma” cross-stitched a mallard duck and gave it to me, encased in glass. Decades ago, I was given a brass doorknob from my aunt and uncle’s ‘ol furniture shop in Elon, North Carolina. There’s a glass Snoopy I received from an employer who previously used Peanuts […]

“When do you ‘wanna take the Christmas tree down?” Every year my wife and I ask each other that same question. The answer is always the same. “Let’s wait until New Year’s Day.”  Two doors down, our neighbor does something unusual every December. The week after Christmas, he carries his tree to the rear of […]