five-hundred words for your spiritual journey

Every last one of us is on a journey. However, some folks are reluctant to admit "where they are" on their particular pilgrimage. Each of the following 500-word blog posts below are pulled from my raw and personal journals in hopes that you are encouraged to either start or continue your journey led by Someone who offers Himself as a guide.

My “Me-Ma” wore one type of perfume. I remember the whiff of her when I bent down to hug her neck as she sat in her favorite chair. What I would give to be able to bend down and embrace her one more time. What would it be like to hold her hand anew, to […]

Some of the best adventures occur while experiencing serendipity. When I take our two Labrador Retrievers, Bentley and Sadie, to the Chickamauga Battlefield in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia I never know what’s going to happen. For whatever reason, Bentley puts his left paw on my right shoulder as I drive to the park. Once I open […]

One day I bravely shared a vulnerable prayer request with a neighbor. I was skeptical because I wondered if that person would really pray. I reached out anyway. The next time I saw the person whom I gave my request to, I got “the look.” When I was walking in our neighborhood one afternoon I […]

According to author Sheila Walsh, if you scramble the word DEPRESSION you get “I PRESSED ON.” But what if you don’t know how to press on? NBC Nightly News reported that over 30 million Americans are unemployed now because of the Coronavirus and depression is one of the effects of that pandemic. Unemployment, depression, and […]

“Why didn’t you get out of bed and come hold my hair in a ponytail while I threw up last night?” That question was aimed at my oldest daughter from one of her four roommates during her freshman year at college. I loved my daughters’ response. “That’s not my job. You didn’t return from partying […]

Smack-dab in the middle of the Corona virus pandemic, an EF-3 tornado dropped on April 12, 2020 in the East Brainerd area of Chattanooga, Tennessee, fueled by 145 mph winds. I didn’t realize the magnitude of the storm until I walked with my wife through her parents neighborhood the following day. Electrical cables blown asunder. […]

Weird. That’s the one word people keep posting on Facebook and Instagram as they describe how they feel during the Coronavirus pandemic. Can anything good come out of a weird experience? Listen to Geoff Gentry and Bryan Ye-Chung. “It’s the weird things that wake us up to the world around us.” “It’s the weird things […]