five-hundred words for your spiritual journey

Every last one of us is on a journey. However, some folks are reluctant to admit "where they are" on their particular pilgrimage. Each of the following 500-word blog posts below are pulled from my raw and personal journals in hopes that you are encouraged to either start or continue your journey led by Someone who offers Himself as a guide.

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Cathy could not tolerate living in her big ‘ol house one more minute. Though it looked lived in, it felt empty. Her life had changed unexpectedly. She sat at the kitchen table and stared out the window at the birds she loved and fed. She wanted to fly away. She put her South Carolina home […]

“How am I ‘gonna eat all this?!” I’ve ask that question when I sit down to indulge my wife’s cooking, or at the annual Thanksgiving table, where our bounty is displayed. We have way too much. Some folks today don’t think they have enough. Those same people feel entitled to have a lot without earning […]

The wind felt different that October night in 1994. Love was in the air and it blew my way above the Tennessee river to where I was standing at the entrance to the Walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga. This bridge has a history. Designed by Engineer, Edwin Thatcher, it was erected in 1890. The walking […]

If you remove the first three letters of NOVEMBER and replace them with REM, it becomes REMEMBER. Isn’t that what November is all about? Remembering what you and I are (or should be) thankful for. The season of Thanksgiving. But, is it really about how “you” or “I” have been blessed? I get a little […]

You go outside to clear your head, but when you come back inside, it still feels like you’re in a fog. You get in the car and drive away for a change of scenery, but it seems like you’re stuck in a cul-de-sac of endless emotions that keep spinning in your head. Exercise on the […]

Sometimes, the most moving experiences in life are the unexpected ones. You walk up on them by chance, or do you? One fall morning, my wife and I left our hotel room in downtown San Antonio, Texas and entered the elevator in search of coffee, while our youngest daughter slept. We sat on the couch […]

The character Violet Crawley, from Downtown Abbey, is known for her snippy remarks. In an episode from the PBS television series, she stares at another woman who’s standing at a distance, and then says, “She’s cracked!” Violet was telling the truth about all of us.  Leonard Cohen’s poem says it all: Ring the bells That […]