five-hundred words for your spiritual journey

Every last one of us is on a journey. However, some folks are reluctant to admit "where they are" on their particular pilgrimage. Each of the following 500-word blog posts below are pulled from my raw and personal journals in hopes that you are encouraged to either start or continue your journey led by Someone who offers Himself as a guide.

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Sara Hagerty writes, “Rarely do I notice the roots of a tree unless my feet stumble over them. I may notice the way branches above me cut across the sky as I pull out of my driveway. I may sit with my toddler in the shade or pick apples at an orchard with my children […]

Sometimes life stops and the world is put in time-out. Though it is not a frequent occurrence, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been the culprit for the cessation of the busy lives we were used to.  We have a temporary new normal. Deserted streets. Empty shelves at the grocery. Movie premieres and Broadway shows postponed. Lucrative […]

“By default, humans want something palpable, material, and concrete. We want to experience something real, something we can explain with our senses.” I agree with what authors Geoff Gentry and Bryan Ye-Chung wrote in All That Is Made, but do we put too much stock in our physical senses? Feeling good has become an obsession. […]

  What happens when you scramble the word silent? You get, listen. Interesting. How can anyone listen without first being silent? Whenever I hiked trails in the Pisgah National Forest of North Carolina, or in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, nature had a way of commanding an eerie kind of quietness. Reverence. From All That […]

The late Frederick Buechner wrote, “An hour late becomes an hour and a half, two hours late. You try to find something to take your mind off it-a book to read, the dishwasher to empty, a prayer to pray-but there’s too much more of you involved by now than just your mind, and you feel […]

During the Saturday edition of CBS This Morning there is a delicious segment called “The Dish”. Each week a chef displays a table of food he or she has prepared. The television hosts sit down with the chef to sample the feast. Afterwards, the chef is handed a white dish to autograph. One of the […]

Why are we always surprised by death? There it is coming our way down the highway. Some people veer their vehicles to the right side of the road and stop. But when others see the funeral procession, they keep going. “Who has time for this?”  Consider two men who ran out of time. They were […]