“We need to find out how much you weigh before the doctor comes in,” said the nurse. I’m always reluctant because when I stand on their scales, the digits on the LED screen won’t be truthful. My shoes, socks, underwear, pants, and belt all the way up to my shirt keep my real weight from […]

How would you answer the question, “What do you consider to be “real” beauty?” A person who chooses to smile despite their weathered life? Wildflowers along an interstate? An early morning sunrise? Nature is full of natural beauty. Lake Atitlan is regarded as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. English writer, Aldous […]

When I see an open window it reminds me of the opportunity each of us has to spiritually breathe in fresh air, exhale, and talk to God. For the practicing Christian, prayer is oxygen. And like prayer, an open window is an escape from the four walls that encase our minds. But a lot of […]

We know we need it, but avoid it. We crave it, but fill ourselves with something else. We revere people who take advantage of it, but aren’t convicted enough to follow suit. It is: REST. SABBATH. CALMNESS. SERENITY. DOWNTIME. We binge watch Netflix for hours, and hit the pause button when we’ve had enough, but do […]