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Let’s be honest. We want someone to look up to. We want someone to take care of us. We want someone on our side who believes like we do. A political savior.

Sometimes, the best lessons are learned when we’re not expecting them. One day, I was searching through desk drawers in our house for postal stamps I’d been collecting. “I hope I didn’t hurriedly stick them on envelopes or bills when I saw the mailman coming.” Then it hit me. “What about the jewelry box on […]

Ted and Charlotte exist in most every church. Their pew has everything but their name on it, though it has been suggested. Ted didn’t let the Covid-19 pandemic keep him and Charlotte away. No one dares question their dogmatic perspective. The few that have received a condescending glare, because there’s no room for new ideas […]

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Regrets. Who hasn’t had them, especially if life lasts a long time and you tend to look back every now and again. There is one though, I don’t have. The trajectory of pursuing money. I was never on that track, nor did I want to be. It wasn’t in the cards, as someone said. Years […]

Some people feel stuck within their own world these days. The sphere of earthly concerns plagues their minds. To escape, some folks venture into the great outdoors to experience another world, so they can breathe and gain perspective. According to the October 25, 2020 edition of CBS’ Sunday Morning, that practice is all the rage, […]