five-hundred words for your spiritual journey

Every last one of us is on a journey. However, some folks are reluctant to admit "where they are" on their particular pilgrimage. Each of the following 500-word blog posts below are pulled from my raw and personal journals in hopes that you are encouraged to either start or continue your journey led by Someone who offers Himself as a guide.

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I love practical jokes, except when they backfire! One day I thought I would scare our office secretary named Faye. In my preparation, I asked another lady friend if I could borrow an old purse and a pair of older dress shoes. I got a funny look. I assured her it wasn’t for me.  Before […]

In the back of every Men’s Journal magazine there is a section called The Last Word. In the September 2019 issue, Lester Holt, of NBC Nightly News was interviewed and asked, “What advice would you give your younger self?” His response was interesting. “Keep a journal.”  More than once, I’ve heard people say: “My entire […]

A lime-colored bug sits on a plant and goes unnoticed. Even though it moves, it still blends in, until I hit the focus button on my Nikon and see the insect for what it is apart from its camouflaged surroundings.  Who enjoys standing out in a crowd. It’s easier to blend in; plus it doesn’t […]

The summer humidity continued to wrap its hands of suffocating air over Ted’s mouth. Fall eventually came and he started breathing again. Those crisp, cool mornings were welcomed like rain in the desert. The change of seasons were the only type of change Ted seemed to embrace. He cherished those refreshing morning walks before facing […]

I love the line from StarWars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The characters Jar Jar Binks, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are being chased in their underwater submarine-type craft by a grotesque looking fish. Just as the fish attempts to eat them, a larger fish appears and devours the smaller one. Then Qui-Gon says, “There is always […]

  In a recent interview promoting his new album, country music icon, Vince Gill, said one of the songs he wrote is about his wife. He also said, “Amy always says certain things that I just adore. One is, “Blessed people, bless people, and hurt people, hurt people.” That pretty much sums up the human […]