“Right Turn” (Obedience: part 1)

Gotta love those little marriage squabbles!  Ours was in the car.  I was ticked! I was not in the mood to drive even though we were running late.

While my wife drove, I sulked in the passenger seat. Previously, I had rushed to buy a dozen roses to present to our youngest daughter after her final dance performance.  Before that errand, I sped off to purchase batteries for my Nikon. If that was not enough, no blades were in the bathroom so I couldn’t shave, so I raced off again. 

I was stressed trying to complete “my” list as my wife was out of town on business.  Dads do not do good when “mama” is away.

So as we finally drove in a flurry to my daughters’ High School for her Senior dance productions, I spit out some words of frustration I shouldn’t  have to my bride. I refused to look to the left in her direction as she drove.

We approached a stop light and as soon as I turned my head to the right I saw this glaring yellow sign on some ‘ol wooden electrical post.


It declared:  TURN TO JESUS.  Immediately, little pools filled my blue eyes. BOOM! Right between my eyes God shot his Holy Spirits’ weapon of conviction.  It hurt bad!

I closed my eyes and silently prayed telling God what I had done. I asked Him to forgive me for my selfish mean words.

I opened my eyes and turned my head to the left. “Honey, I should not have said those words.  I overreacted. I’m sorry, Will you forgive me?” She reminded me that I always “get that way” when I try to do too much within a short span of time.  

I responded “You are right. I was wrong.” I grabbed her hand and squeezed it while she wanted to squeeze the living daylights out of my shaven neck! We entered the auditorium with weathered smiles.

Our natural selves innately want to go their own way.  Forget asking for help. We make up our minds in a nanosecond where “we” want to go. Then we get lost and that left turn we took no longer looks or feels glamorous. Then what?

As much as I love hiking, there is nothing worse than getting lost in the woods especially when I did not pocket a compass! Do you feel lost on the journey you are on?  Have you really turned to Jesus and laid all your situational cards on the table?

All of us are in need of direction no matter what mission we are on. As you continue the quest God has put you on what is more logical than consulting one of the 5 Wisdom books in the Old Testament?  

Listen to Solomon’s words from his book Ecclesiastes chapter 10:2 “A wise person chooses the right road; a fool takes the wrong one.” (NLT). It is simple and hard. TURN TO JESUS.

pictures courtesy of “Nelson & His Nikon”.

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