“Before the Saw Cuts” (The Hymn Series: part 5)

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The teeth on my hand-saw don’t appear sharp. I use it to trim our Crepe Myrtle tree because the branches keep extending over our garden, shading it, blocking the sun from growing the flowers. At first, it seems the teeth aren’t biting, but with persistence, a branch falls to the ground.

Before the s.a.w. of stress, anxiety, and worry cut Mr. J.C. Penney’s faith in two, something incredible happened.

“He was on his way to establishing a successful career when the 1929 Great Depression threw him into crisis. His business deals turned sour, and Penney became overwhelmed with anxiety and insomnia. He developed a painful case of shingles and was hospitalized, but tranquilizers and drugs only made things worse. His mental state deteriorated until, as he later said, “I was broken nervously and physically filled with despair, unable to see even a ray of hope. I had nothing to live for. I felt I hadn’t a friend left in the world, that even my family turned against me.”

“But one morning he heard singing coming from the hospital chapel. The words of the song said, “Be not dismayed whate’er betide/God will take care of you.” “Suddenly-something happened. I can only call it a miracle. I felt as if I had been instantly lifted out of darkness of a dungeon into warm, brilliant sunlight.” All worry left him as he realized more fully than he had ever imagined just how much the Lord Jesus Christ cared for him. He later became one of America’s greatest retail merchants.” (Then Sings My Soul, Robert J. Morgan)

In 1904, Civilla D. Martin had no idea the hymn she wrote, “God Will Take Care of You,” would impact others.

“Civilla woke up sick, and her husband Martin was about to cancel his plans to preach out of town, when their young child piped up and said: “Oh, Daddy, you don’t have to stay home because of mother. God will take care of us.” When Martin returned, Civilla handed him the words of “God Will Take Care of You,” and he composed the music. (Then Sings My Soul)

When I was terminated, after 13 years of service, the same day the Lockdown began in late March 2020, my wife said, “God will take care of us. He’s taken care of us before.”

Today, many J.C. Penney stores are closing. One afternoon recently, my wife and I drove to one our favorite eateries for lunch. But it was still closed, in October 2020, due to Covid-19. And stores and restaurants keep closing.

In these uncertain times, don’t let the s.a.w. of stress, anxiety, and worry lacerate you. Why not counter it with the same acronym, but with different words:

STAY connected to Jesus. He’s the Vine. We’re the branches. Get alone with Him.

ACKNOWLEDGE what’s going on by telling God every detail through the act of Prayer.

WAIT on Him to act while memorizing and quoting Scripture.

Do those 3 things “regularly” and you’ll dull satan’s lies.

“Blessed are those who wait for His help.” (Isaiah 30:18b, NLT)

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2 thoughts on ““Before the Saw Cuts” (The Hymn Series: part 5)

  1. Thank you, Nelson! As a musician I have not heard that in years! Very inspiring.

    1. Thanks for reading Renee! My thinking was to focus on hymns that don’t get much attention, but equally (if not more) deep as-“It is well with my soul”, or “Amazing Grace.” Like the verse Jn. 3:16 that gets all the attention, when there is SO MUCH MORE!

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